Hi guys just after a bit of advice please, in case I've missed something obvious, as an M-Maxx newbie.

I'm getting an X-Maxx at some point in the next few weeks & just want to ensure I've got everything I need.
I've a weeks leave to use from work & would like to use a lot of it to get some drive time in with the X-Maxx. What I don't want to do is spend the week waiting for parts to arrive. Working in a hospital has sucked this year & so I'm ready for a break and to have some bashing time.

List so far to have ready before even running the truck, maybe even fitted before running...
  • Batteries & charger
  • Brute body, with all the mounting bits, washers etc (Keep the stock body fresh)
  • RPM oversize rear axle carriers
  • RPM bearing for the above
  • 2085x Servo (Still not sure this the right way to go long term. lol)

Spares box ready for breakages during week 1...
  • A set of RPM arms
  • RPM threaded hinge pins
  • Stock bearings for front axle carriers

Other stuff to think about...
  • Another set of batteries
  • RPM shock guards
  • Shock springs - 1.5 & 1.4 seem to be popular

Thanks for all the help guys.