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Thread: Rip 007

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    Rip 007

    Sean Connery has passed away at 90.

    He is the iconic 007, was awesome as the senior Dr. Jones, but my favorite roll he played was that of Marko Ramius, the captain of the Red October.
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    Yes RIP. One of my favorites is Just Cause. If you’ve never seen it, check it out.

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    Another great actor has left is. Tho he played many roles in his career (over 70 films), he will always be remembered as the original James Bond. He's, twice, portrayed the King of England, and even voiced the most beloved of dragons (Draco, in 'Dragonheart'). He even portrayed the noblest of thieves in a row that was, years later, taken over by his son, Jason (Robin Hood). He will be remembered for generations to come.

    Sean Connery is dead. Long live Sir Sean Connery.

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    RIP Sir Thomas Sean Connery.
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    He was a little before my time... But ive seen 007.. Rest in Peace 007.

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    He was and still is MY DEFINITION of 007!!!!!! A great actor, my favorite was The Untouchables and Hunt for the Red October. At 90 years old he has seen a lot of changes in this world. Prayers to his family and friends.

    Added note: Sean Connery added lib to his lines by saying "Bond, James Bond" whenever he was to say his name. It wasn't originally scripted that way. In an interview he said he did that because he felt he did not have enough lines in his script.
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