I recently got new NiMH batteries and are charging them right now. I have a couple of question about them and how to charge and store them. I have a IMAX 4B6 Pro Intelligent Battery Charger. '

1) When I charge the batteries to full, how long do I have to use them before they start to go bad, like can I wait 4 days or a week?

2) When I store the batteries, how do I store them? I know you have to charge them 50%, but on the charger, if I have a 5000 MaH, battery do I set the Voltage to 2.5 and the charge limit to 2500 MaH?

3) When I take the battery out again after a month of storing, Storing them in a proper way, do I charge the battery up the rest of the way or do I discharge them and them charge them up all the way?

4) When discharging them do I do is through the charger or can I just plug in into the car and run it till is slows down?