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    Question First time LiPo running, charging and output questions

    I just got my first LiPo, and I'm already scared imma break my poor slash XD. I got 2s 25C, 5k mah lipo.

    #1; I just got the sidewinder SCT 3800kv, and last night, I went out to run, but then I started to loose power. I checked everything, nothing was wrong. So I kept running for a bit more, but then I noticed, the ESC was blinking red. I reset, it would turn on red, then green, then blinking red. Not sure what happened there, but plugged in the NiMH battery and then turning LVC off, and it seemed fine. Turned LVC back on with lipo, fine as well. Today it was working fine as well. Anyone have any explanations?

    #2;this battery lasts even longer than my NiMH counterpart. Anyone know if it's bad to run LiPo down to roughly 25-75% and then balance charge? I've only had LVC cutoff once in the last 3 days.

    #3; Back to the motor; SCT Sidewinder is rated for up to 3s, but it was burning hot last night and didn't have more than 1/2 of accel and power. What happened? it seems fine now but I'm afraid to take it apart and have a peek. The SCT has sensored option, unlike the old VXL system. (Well, I still have the ESC installed, I'm only using the motor out of the combo) So i don't know how to put it back together, and I'm afraid I'll break it.
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    #1. Contact Castle. They developed and sell the product and they should be the ones that use the profits to provide support for their customers. Traxxas does not allow support of products they do not make.

    #2. With LVC on (many battery sellers recommend it set at 3.5v) run the battery until it hits that and then stop. Do not run it further. If you do not hit LVC that is fine. Let it cool and then balance charge.

    #3. Read the application guidelines found on Castle's site regarding your choice and the vehicle it is installed in. If you feel there is a problem then, again, contact Castle.
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