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    Rustler 4X4 LED Light Kit For Rustler 2WD

    Any Compatibility issues with using the new Rustler 4X4 LED Light Kit on a Rustler 2WD? Primarily the Roof rack, looks like the bumper wont fit without modification.

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    It probably wouldn't fit without major modification because, like you said the 2wd and 4wd rustlers have different bumpers and the 2wd doesn't have a roof rack. But you could still try and it might work...

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    Im not sure if the body lines are the same but if they were at least close, you could make it work probably.

    You could buy the traxxas roof rack (or guard) for the 4x4 rustler, and use the holes in it as a guide for the screws. Those holes you drill would be the same holes that the led rack would fit in.

    If I was you, and i wanted to try it, thats probably where i would start. Figure out if the roof lines are even close. If so, go for it. Let us know if you do. Could be the start of something neat, who knows?

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    Hey guys, I saw the mod somewhere in here. I ordered one myself to try, it should fit fine; of course after holes made. One body of mine seems to have moldings the help support the rack... Well, I assume you mean the "slide"

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