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    Seaking 180 esc install

    Curious how to install the seaking esc in place of the stock esc? Any tips or tricks on what works best?

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    I have the 180a seaking in my M41 with a leopard 1600kv 4 pole motor. But I don’t like it because you need verry strong lipo’s and they are more expensive. If I do it all over I will go for the seaking 120a that’s more than enough for a lexan boat. Also the battery are just empty in 18 min. And I have 3s 6500mha 60c Gen Ace packs. They also give a lack in the start. So the power comes in later than normal. It’s better with my other battery’s that are 3s 4500mah 110c no lack but empty in just over 12 minutes. I will like to post pic’s but I do not know how to do it on the forum

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