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    Hex adapters 12mm to 17mm ?

    Contemplating throwing my rear hoons from a Felony on the 2 rear axles, and the felony fronts on the front of my trx6 .

    I figure overdrive front trx4 gears will make up the difference between the felony ft and rear tire diameter. I also want the ft od gears for crawling stuff anyways.

    Rehabbing a knee issue, and must walk A LOT atm, and can't really push uphill yet. So street trailing would be a lot less boring than just walking...

    Don't plan to be laid up for long, so would love to grab some 17mm adapters, throw the street tires on (maybe go up a few teeth on pinion) for a couple weeks/months or so and be able to remove the adapters, swap the pinion, swap the tires, and put my truck right back to where it is now.

    A 12mm width extension should work on all 6 rims.

    Any ideas on aftermarket or traxxas adapters that might fit?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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