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    did I get a good deal?

    Well I was on eBay yesterday just looking at parts because I was thinking of converting the stampede into a slash. I saw a listing for a 2wd slash that was listed as used and having one broken part. From the pictures it was a broken bulkhead. That isn't a problem since I have an extra for my Stampedes ( I have 2 ). The pictures show the stock battery, charger , transmitter and a 2s lipo. Just hoping that everything that was pictured comes with it. They selling it says that he is getting out of the hobby. I got it for $104 including shipping and tax. Is that a good deal? Im new to the slash but from seeing the prices for used, it seems like a good deal. It's not brushless but that is ok for now I can always upgrade later.

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    Yeah, I would say so.

    Slash 2wd roller: $120 maybe
    Charger: If it's an ez peak plus: $30

    Other stuff is also worth something, if you even want to sell it in the first place.

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