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    High-clearance links, please clarify?

    I purchased some Samix brand Hi clearance links several months back and was unsure how to install them, ie; bend towards the middle of chassis? (front & rear), or bend towards the front (for front links) and towards the rear (for rear links)??? I have attached pics to clarify incase my wording is strange. I originally installed all for lower links with the bend in the links towards the middle of the chassis, curious what the advantages/dis-advantages may (realistically) be?!

    Both options make sense in my head although with the bend in the link position towards the middle of chassis, makes only slightly more sense to me?
    First pic is of the rear lowers, installed as i originally positioned them...other 2 pics are front of my T4X Sport, with the one closest to camera playfully positioned with bend towards the axle housing/front of truck and the farthest lower link as originally installed.

    Thanks guys!

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    You want the bends closer to the axle. It raises the link up more.

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