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    My "slash 4x4, but not" for now

    I haven't been able to be active very much, because of my phone and i need a new diff cup. Also it's front wheel drive right now, and i ran it once on halloween for some fun, and since it was FWD, it drove for 3 hours straight, haha. Maybe if you want your slash's battery to last for a longer time, FWD, lol.

    Also, my slash needs a new screw for the front bulkhead and some other things, that's why i couldn't drive it or be active here lately, 8(.
    I'll be back soon 8)

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    Glad you are now back!

    Hopefully, your car gets fixed soon!
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    If you had a location listed, you may be close to a forum member who could help you get going again.
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