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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyXMAXX View Post
    Right wear ya want the center shaft able to flex
    Put a bearing

    Best choice ever
    So this was sarcasm? But I don't see why. The design seems good to me and has been proven to work so far.

    Also, yours being straight proves nothing. This mod is for those who jump their X-Maxxes very high. I would suggest it's not worth bothering with if you've not bent your stock one, unless you want to build the truck to cope with anything in anticipation of doing big jumps.

    The chassis is pretty rigid, and to bend the driveshaft you'd have to make it flex a fair bit, so that's going to take a pretty hard landing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyXMAXX View Post
    Get the stock center shaft in your hands
    See how much it flexes
    All Original shafts still spinning here
    Traxxas Research and development
    stock center shafts for all my Xmaxxs

    Run what ya brung
    Id say more than one opinion is warranted here. I know youve been at this a while, but youre(nor is anyone one person) the end all, be all for source for all others in the hobby. You could keep and open mind and read others experiences, and learn from them.
    Sarcasm is angers ugly cousin. Name the movie

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