Apologies if this has been asked a thousand times but I have been
unable to find the answer from the interwebs... I recently purchased
a 4 Tec 2.0 vxl chassis and am working on mounting a body. I had planned
to use third party wheels/tires and discovered with the staggered stance
of the stock wheel set up (larger rear tires than front) that using
any tire/wheel combo with the same off-set results in a rear track
that is ~8mm shorter than the front? What is the best way to address
this? Changing hex spacer (not sure what to call it but part 8356)
may be an option assuming there are different width solutions, but
I don't believe the axle is long enough to match the 4mm difference
on each side. Is there a longer axle (part 8354) that could be used
in conjunction with a wider hex spacer? I assume the right way to do this is with alternate rear-end parts (longer drive shafts, trailing arms,etc.)?

Super thrilled with the 4 Tec chassis - this is just an odd one that
seems harder to solve than it should be (to marry up with third party
wheels and body).