Ok, so my son got a Teton a year ago and I got a prerunner this year. As everyone knows these little brushed motors run rather hot. When we go out and bash I noticed both teton and prerunner run at full rpm in very short order. So I started to think cause it's so easy to get motor at max rpm with 9/61 stock gearing, maybe that's why we are both running so hot and esc stays cool. So I researched my optional gearing and I can run 10/60 or 14/54. So I installed at 10 pinion and 60 spur and now my motor is running quite a bit cooler. Less torque off line and more top speed, but how we drive we aren't nearing maxing out the rpm of the motor anymore. And I believe that's why motor runs cooler. Thing hauls off the line and goes super fast all while running cooler. Just thought I'd share my experience if anyone is thinking about changing gearing. Oh and btw, pretty sure we'll snap less plastic drive shafts with less off the line torque, but that's still yet to be determined.