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    Gearing My Experience

    I posted my experience in the desert prerunner section but I'll post here too. My son got a Teton a year ago and I got a prerunner this year. As everyone knows these little brushed motors run rather hot. When we go out and bash I noticed both our vehicles run at full rpm in very short order. So I started to think that cause we can get moter up to max rpm with stock 9/61 gearing in very short order, maybe that's why we are both running so hot why our ESC stays cool. So I researched optional gearing and I can run 10/60 or 14/54. So I installed 10/60 and now my motor is running not quite as hot as it was. Little less torque off the line and a little more top speed, but now we are not nearly maxing out the rpm of the motor. And I believe that's why motor runs cooler. Thing stills hauls off the line and goes faster all while staying cooler. Just thought I would share my experience if anyone is thinking of changing gearing. I think we may break less plastic drive shafts with less torque off the line but still yet to be determined on that.

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    Thanks for the share, I bought my daughter a Teton too, she loves it.

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