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    what limits a servos voltage?

    I have a 2085x servo. There are several places around the internet that say it's limited to 7.4v. Since none of them appear to be official answers I contacted Traxxas who responded with,

    Unfortunately that specification is not something we have published publicly, nor do I have it available to me.
    So, as a general question, how does voltage kill a servo? I'm assuming that it's like any other electric motor that over heats. How does voltage get factored into the design of a servo? I'm really hoping for technical responses.

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    The electronics inside the servo are what the over voltage will hurt. Too high of a voltage and some component will let out the “magic smoke” and irs done for.

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    Traxxas servos are rated at. 6v since the rx/ esc only puts out 6v.

    Other after market esc and rx can put out more volts. And higher end servos over 8.4v input max. But can run at 6v but will offer less torque.

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    Here is a link to answer servo questions you haven't even thought of..there are articles within the article to link other servo aspects also..

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    Voltage is the pressure from an electrical circuit's power source that pushes charged electrons (current) through a conducting loop, enabling them to do work such as illuminating a light or powering a device/servo.

    Too much voltage is like having too much water pressure in a pipe, the pipe will burst... Not enough voltage and the device can not receive the amount of electrons needed to operate properly.
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