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    Spartan cooling: under hull pick up or dual rudder

    Anyone tried either the water pickup for transom dual 521B31 or the dual under hull pickup 521B22?
    These options seems a great easy solution to improve water intake but I m not finding any thread on them.
    Everyone seems to recommend a dual pickup rudder instead.
    Any advice which is best?
    pros and cons?

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    I would stay away from the "under the hull" pickups. Spartans need the bottom of their hulls to be perfectly smooth for them to come onto plane. The pickups that mount on the back of a boat "transom" is a better way to go (out of your two options). You have to be careful there too, though, because transom pickups can effect the performance of a boat if they are not installed properly. For a no worry, hassle free setup, the dual rudder is the best way to go with a Spartan size boat.
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