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    Will the vxl3s esc run a 4000kv motor?

    I'm thinking about doing some swapping around on my cars, I have the hobbywing sct 4000kv setup on my 4tec, but I never run it on 4s, so I want to take my vxl esc and put on it, and put the sct speed control on my beater slash so I can run 4s on that one but leave the 4000kv motor on the 4tec to keep a little more top speed, will It work or do I need to swap the 3500 motor to it also? I have all the bullet adapters to do it if it'll work.

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    Yes. Iíve done it. The VXL-3S will run a 4000 kv motor just fine.

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    My vxl3s motor gets pretty warm with the included 3500 so I would watch temps for sure. You might find you need to gear down a little.

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