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    Extended Chassis Questions

    Hi guys it's been awhile since I've been on here....I apologize. I have a question I have a Emaxx started as a 2.5 Tmaxx then converted to a 3.3 with an OS .21 TM. Now I've gotten tired of the nitro and found an old 1rst Gen Emaxx 2 speed trans with RRP steel gear and aluminum case. I've got it on my T/Emaxx with new steel driveshafts.... didn't realize the 3.3 had a smaller diameter hub on the trans side.... its now locked in 2nd and I've got a castle mamba monster x with a 1515 1Y 4 pole motor running 6s 100C lipos. Truck is a monster for sure I've got a 22T pinion and a 64T spur and it pulls the wheels at will.

    Problem I have is it's squirley and since it's on a classic tmaxx chassis it's short, but being think aluminum durable. I've been thinking about buying and extended chassis for it but they are all plastic which is fine if it's durable, but I've put a lot of money in aftermarket parts and I would like to know I they will all fit on an extended chassis ie braces, servo mounts, bulkheads, shock towers, and all the suspension.

    If anyone has done this or seen it done please advise. Thank you.

    PS- Here's some pics of it over the year.

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    Fast Lane Machine E-Maxx (3905/3908) Extended Chassis will have to be searched out. The aluminum chassis is more expensive now as well and can be observed though:

    An Aluminum E-Maxx - VMaxx Chassis at R C Monster can be check out even while it is not available at

    I trust this info helps to progress your hobby due to your researching.
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