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Thread: Dual Motors

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    Dual Motors

    Hello all,

    Recently I've been getting into speedruns quite a bit, and I was wondering if dual velineon 380s would actually work in the 1/16th vehicles. I realize there are weak parts, such as diffs, and those would need to be shimmed. I also understand that I would need two escs and would have to relocate the receiver and probably 3D print a mount for it. I also would need a custom motor mount, or another of the same, but flipped upside down and screwed in before the first motor mount.

    My major questions are these:

    #1 What kind of receiver allows people to run two motors, because it would need two channel 2's right?
    #2 How would I set it so the motors spin at exactly the same rpm so they wouldn't destroy each other?

    Finally, have you heard of anyone actually do this before?

    Thanks for your time!

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    I am not sure how you would have the room inside of a 1/16th scale traxxas vehicle for two motors/escs. Beyond that, for question#2 - I think it is typical for a dual motor setup to have one motor run the front tires and another to run the rear but both be controlled by a single RX. Giving the same throttle to both at the same time should theoretically given the same RPMs though. Might require a specific transmitter to setup the RX how you want.

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    I think you would have better luck going to big block motor. Aka 1/10th scale. Perhaps a 4600kv. Using the motor mount and spur cover from the brushed 550 titan. Which a 1/10 motor will bolt right up. Esc will have to be custom mounted. Will have to use a 1/10 scale esc. Some people cut up the right side battery tray and mount esc inside the tray.

    I've never heard of anyone using dual motors on the 1/16 car. The 1/10 old v1 erevo brushed car did come with dual brushed motors.

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    For #2 you can have each motor drive a separate section of the drive train. One motor in the front and one for the back. They can be adjusted to be close to similar rpms but trying to get two motors to output to the same shaft is a nightmare on such a small car. It would probably be much easier to do that to a larger car. If you really want to combine the motor power into one shaft you can use a differential to allow them to spin at slightly different speeds without blowing everything up.

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    I've never seen it done on the 1/16 Summit (or merv), but have seen it done on its bigger brothers the 1/10 Summit and Erevo.

    Quick answers:
    #1 Wouldn't need a special receiver. Just a simple servo channel plug splitter will work. Something like this, Traxxas part#2046

    #2 Being attached to the same spur gear would keep the motors spinning the same. Using the same ESC & motors, and calibrating them both at the same time you wouldn't need to worry. The slight difference between the two should have no affect.

    I would think one ESC and motor would be better than two systems. You could get a bigger ESC and motor that would have more power and efficiency than trying to run two smaller systems.

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    Using two motors is quite a hassle compared to simply use a motor with more power. When you use the larger Velineon motor, you already have at least twice the amount of power with less motor volume than two 380 Velineons.
    When you want to achieve something just for the challenge, feel free and good luck, but if you want a more simple and better solution, just use a larger motor.
    I use a Castle 1406 4600Kv (older unsensored version) in my Merv. Great motor, always power enough. I guess when you gear that up a bit, you can get pretty crazy speeds. If you want more power (and seriously increase the risk of ruining driveline parts), you can also use the Castle 1410 motor.
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