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    Convince me to buy a mini summit

    So I was originally looking to get a mini summit for son, but now i'm honestly thinking of getting a 1/16 scale RC for myself. The summit has alot of appeal to me. More monster truck style, better ground clearance, the look is killer. I think capability wise, it hits all the high points, but for one of the biggest categories of bashing--durability--i am more suspect.

    I've now read countless posts about drive shaft and axle issues (and diffs, but i've read that shimming helps solve that problem). Is the weak drivetrain still a problem with the summit? Anything updated recently? It appears there isn't really a solid upgrade for the summit axles, something that doesn't requires modding or changing the truck. It also seems frustrating that the big summit has better drive shafts than the revo, but the opposite is true of the mini trucks. The most consistently recommended option i have seen is to use merv a-arms and the traxxas merv cvd axles. But then, why not just go for a merv to begin with? (and i know you can convert between the two).

    If the drivetrain stuff still persists, I'm hesistant to get a summit. For you summit owners, has it been worth the pain???

    At the same price, the merv vxl and summit are a tough choice for me to choose. Looking for some other thoughts.

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    I have the merv and it’s very strong once you get a metal servo and RPM a arms. The merv is very fast even on NIMH or 2s. The summit isn’t as strong (I think) Or as fast. But it is better off road.
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    The summit is a fun car, but it'll need work right out of the box. First, buy a set of E Revo axles and use them instead of the summit. The summit's axle pins aren't as wide and will bend and break through the axle. Secondly, shim the diffs right before you get it. in my experience, it is almost always the rear diff that strips, so 1 or 2 team associated shims should hold up fine. After that, I've only had 2 cracked a arms and a front bulkhead, but those breakages were completely my fault (ran it head-on into solid objects going pretty fast). And the next thing you'll want to do is get a new servo. I'd recommend looking into Savox servos. They are pretty good for the price.

    So imo the summit is a really fun car, but the merv is just a better car if you don't want to be spending more money right out of the box. The merv will only really need it's rear diff shimmed, and that's pretty much it. Others will say the arms need upgraded, or the shocks, but in 10 years of owning a mini model, the only problems with those parts have been my own fault.

    Hopefully this helps!

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