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    XL-5 ESC blinking red and green, receiver box shows red light?

    Recently I've been having problems with my esc blinking. For the past 2 times I was able to fix it but now it's just not working. It keeps blinking either green or green and red. I have tried to calibrate it but it wont work. I just now noticed that the light on my receiver box is red. I have fresh batteries in my tq transmitter and the light on the transmitter is glowing solid green. Pairing the transmitter to the receiver did not work.

    I'm not sure if this has to do with anything, but earlier this week one of the wires on the titan motor popped off. Yet, even before it happened I was having issues with the esc.

    My stampede is kind of old so I'm not surprised if I have to replace anything. Just have to do work for my dad to pay it off lol

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    Your transmitter is not connecting to the receiver. Make sure you turn the remote on BEFORE the car itself.
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    How old? Am radio?

    Page 22 tells about the lights.

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