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    9.6 volt NiCd battery pack

    I need some knowledge about an old truck I put up up a long time ago. It uses a 9.6 V
    Battery pack with 8 aa size batteries. Instead of going back with NiCd, would I be better
    Off and will my motor run on a more modern battery pack. And can I just get someone like
    interstate Battery to make me a new pack with my
    Old connector?

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    The biggest issue you'll have running off of a new pack, like a LIPO, is available amperage. Those NiCD packs had a pretty low amperage discharge rate, so the engineers didn't really worry about current protection. Without current protection with a newer pack the motor/ESC could draw enough amperage to fry themselves. At most I would go with NiMH, but that might have too much capacity for that RC.
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    +1 go NIMH, but if you could fit a C cell pack of 6 batts you would get a lot less amperage drop under load and probably more Mah the better. I see 2700mah packs with Tamaya connectors... That would be a big step up compared to 8 AA cells as far as performance and run time. But can it fit?

    You probably will need a new charger or check your charger to ensure it will support NIMH batts before you buy...
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    I'm curious if the OP is talking about a (flat style) battery pack like for non-hobby grade RC's? Tyco possibly?

    If so, Mighty Max Battery makes a more modern one.

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