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    Question TQi radio questions

    1: If I move the TQi receiver to another car/device, can I still make settings with the TQi transmitter?
    I mean trim settings, control sensitivity, servo endpoints, using the buttons on the transmitter or the bluetooth app?

    2: Where TSM settings are stored, in ESC, in the receiver or in the transmitter?
    When I set TSM, endpoints, can I change the radio to whatever I want and the settings are applied on start?

    The photo shows the connection diagram.
    Jumper radio and Crossfire are passtrough for PPM signal from Traxxas radio to ESC/Servos.
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    You should be able to set your settings with the tx, or link app and save settings to the car. If moved rx to different car it should keep the same settings.

    Since unfamiliar with what your doing, I can not say if thinks will work as intended.

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