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    New to xmaxx what parts should I stock up on.

    just got my xmaxx and love it but the first charge I stripped the servo gear where the horn screws on. I can reset it and go play for 15 minutes or so before I roll it and the steering gets out of whack. New metal gears have shipped for the servo. 4th cycle I blew out a tire. What are the common wearing parts im going to need? my hobby shop is a long drive so I can't get stuff to quick. So what im getting at is what parts should I go ahead and stock up on. Do you guys break something everytime you run the truck? I have a pair of tires on the way. Metal gears for the servo and a new set of factory gears and a horn coming from Traxxas. Should I stock up on bearings, control arms, shocks, etc? I don't bash the truck to hard or go over jumps that sent the truck 10ft in the air really its mainly smaller jumps and some speed runs in the dirt and just giving it **** in that manner. Any advice is appreciated. Id like to stock up because im noticing most parts I can't get on prime or relatively all that quick.

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    Probably rpm oversized rear hub carrier. (Perhaps the fronts as well). The inner bearings are to small and they will blow the seals on hard landings. The rpm part fixed this.

    Trx hd a arm left and right. For when you do break a arm.

    Bearings grease. I like belray marine grease. For my bearings as I run at beach and puddles. Keeps my bearings silky smooth. Will need to grease the rpm hub bearings.

    Rpm bearing blasters for cleaning bearings. Need max size. Personally I'd get both sizes as cheap.

    Maybe rpm threaded hing pin set.

    Maybe a rpm roof skid. Trx or rpm body savers.

    Fiber tape and shoe goo or e6000 the body the bed area will be first to go bending over the shock towers. Or do regular guys body restrictor mod,. Or get after market body. My body only lasted me a month with heavy bashing before from cab back was torn off. But my aftermarket body holding up awesome.

    Metal gear servo saver spring and adjustable control arm from servo horn to servo saver.

    Perhaps aluminum servo horn.

    Cover vent holes in tires with tape. Make vent hole on outside if wanted... I like my tires wrapped in 500lb kevlar string. It kept my stock tires in great shape from not ballooning to much.

    I like 500k diff oil front and rear.

    If start doing big air. 1.4r springs front and 1.5r rear.

    Shock socks or used old bicycle tubes to keep grit off shafts. ( I run in mud so a must for me. )

    If need new servo promodler 930 would be sweet. Get trx 1/10 servo adapter and promodler aluminum servo horn. (Xmaxx one won't fit any 1/10servo as it has a 7mm spline for 2085(x))

    Maybe a diff ring gear, and spur gear to keep on hand. As at some point one will blow.

    Shock pin set and a hinge pin set is helpful to have on hand. I've had 3 rpm arms break at the shock pin area and I loose the pin.

    Car is pretty good takes hits and keeps asking for more, just depends on how hard you bash it and if that rouge tree or curb jumps out in front of you.

    Outside of what I listed probably don't need anything else till you break it.

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