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    Larger pinion gears w/ smaller props

    Has anyone ever tried running 18, 20, 22, or 24 tooth pinions combined with smaller carbon/metal props in the 36-42mm range for example?

    The stock EX plastic props look to be around 44-46mm with 14t pinions, and aftermarket props are usually metal 47-48mm sizes - even seen some of you run 51mm. These bigger props, via the villain manual, recommend smaller 12t pinions or at most the stock 14t pinions. Which makes sense of course if you’re going with a bigger and heavier prop.

    Compared to other vintage traxxas boats the blast and nitro vee, which use the same outdrive setup, they are using like 30-38ishmm props max. Granted they have a direct drive and not a reduction gear system like the villain - I’m wondering if anyone’s kind of halfway mimicked that style of setup with the villain by using bigger pinions and smaller props... so there’s still a slight gear reduction but the props are still technically larger than blast/vee props but smaller than stock villain ex props.

    It seems like you could get better top speed out of it with this setup. The boat in stock form is a torque monster and the propellors seem like they could power a ski boat (pun intended lol). Fun to drive in stock form for sure compared to the direct drive rudder boats. If no one’s experimented with it, I’ll give it a try and post results.
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    You're generally going to be better off with larger props and smaller pinions, as that will generate more torque. Torque is nice to help get the boat up on plane quickly.
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