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    Question Can the E-Revo run races as a truggy?!

    Hey guys. I went to my first races today. A guy out there, along with some other people, said that the Revo was a truggy, and could be raced as one. Is this true? I was under the impression there were certain requirements for the class, and the Revo won't qualify as one. Is this true? Is it not a M/T?

    I ask because I'm a big Traxxas fan, and would love to see more Traxxas vehicles out on the tracks. Even if they have to be modded for it to happen. Thanks!

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    Your best bet would be to ask the track. While a debate can be had if the revo is truggy or monster truck, your track should be able to provide the answers. A question not asked (to the correct people) is knowledge not learned!

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    It's up to the track, but if it is a ROAR or IFMAR sanctioned event the answer is no. They must be the same scale and class of vehicle. I raced against truggies many times at my track when it was not a ROAR or IFMAR sanctioned event.
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