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    teton vs. prerunner

    what are some of the pros and cons of the latrax teton and prerunner, also, which one do you guys think is better overall?

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    Personally, I like the Teton. They are both small cars, but the Teton has more ground clearance to help it scoot around!

    Have fun!
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    Yep I would go with Teton. I have two and fun to upgrade if u like.
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    I have never had any experience with the Teton, though the ground clearance is essentially the same. Both, the Prerunner and the Teton have the exact same suspension arms, shocks, etc., but they have different tires. I haven't compared the diameters of the tires so idk if the teton actually has more ground clearance. Personally I think that the Prerunner is a better option because the chassis is slightly longer which gives a little more room for upgrades and I feel like it may be a little more stable. Again, I've even touched a Teton.
    Ultimately they are the same car. Only differences are the wider tires, which may put more strain on the driveline and suspension arms, the different body, and the shorter chassis (and center driveshaft).
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