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Thread: 4 Tec 3.0

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    4 Tec 3.0

    Now this is a car I can add to my garage.

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    The only reason I would really get it would be the body and the clipless mounting system. Do wish that it came as a roller without electronics (or at least no ESC and motor) for a bit cheaper, but it is always nice to have options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geodude074 View Post
    Being bigger with a clipless body means no aftermarket bodies will fit. The Corvette body is nice, but not $350 brushed Titan nice.

    Coincidentally Losi announced a new 1/10 touring car today, it's a Camaro for $230.
    I am sure that traxxas will eventually make more bodies for this just like they did for the 4-tec 2.0. Also, losi's camaro does not have anywhere near the details that the 4-tec 3.0 has. I do somewhat agree with your statement though. It should probably be priced more like $250 to $300.
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    It is the best C8 radio control model on the market so far. I hope they offer some nice upgrades for it.

    What I would have really like to have seen is a C8 body for the that would have been a sweet machine. Maybe since they a have a license from GM, the larger version will follow....

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    I had to remove several posts from this thread due to non-Traxxas discussions. Please remember that these are the Traxxas forums, and the discussion should pertain to Traxxas models only. Thanks!
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