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    Where's the RC Hobby Anonymous section?

    It all started with a TRX4 about 4 months ago. I think I may have a problem. Plus I have a Summit 16 on the way. Don't mind the mini-deadbolt, if Traxxas made a mini I'd have that instead.

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    My partner and I got into rc towards the end of 2019. My partner started watching YouTube videos on it and got interested, so I decided to look into it as a Christmas gift for the two of us. We've always had trouble finding things the two of us can do together, since our interests are so different. I didn't know much about any of it, but after doing a little research, I bought us each an xl-5 Rustler. They seemed to be the best option for price, durability and upgradeability.
    And the addiction began.
    We now have two heavily upgraded Rustlers (converted to brushless), a (more or less) stock 4x4 Rustler VXL, and an LCG Slash VXL. I have a project truck as well, a monster slash that I'm building from the ground up, but it's been put on hold for the moment, as we're getting ready to move from SoCal back to our home state of Texas. Can't wait to start working on that truck again.

    Little known fact: Slapping your favorite sticker on an RC body DOES make it go faster

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