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    Integy aluminum Bulkhead?

    Hello I have had this Maxx for a while now and it is hands down the most durable RC I have ever owned and I probably have the most fun with it to so I would recommend it to anyone who is considering it. With that said I am extremely hard on it and do a lot of big air jumping with a who cares "send it" attitude so of course its not bullet proof and I have had some repeating broken parts mostly being the front and rear bulkheads. for anyone wondering what my setup is before I ask my question I have changed around my suspension many times trying to find the balance of reducing chassis slap but not having the truck rebounding off the ground and rolling out of control or driving horribly on bumpy terrain my current setup is widemaxx arms, 50 weight oil in front and 60 weight oil in rear. I have progressive springs i got off eBay from VG racing spent a lot of time messing with preload on them and i forget my current measurements but i believe its 8mm in front 10mm in rear. I am happy with the all around performance of this oil weight and spring combo. I also have 10mm hub extenders from hot racing and a set of wheels off a old hpi savage 4.6 which seem to be about the size of the proline lp trenchers. there is other upgrades on it as well but not related to breaking bulkheads. My question is does anyone have the Integy aluminum bulkheads and if so how long have you had them and how hard are you on your Maxx? do you think they are worth it or is there drawbacks? I am worried about the skid plate screws that take most of the trucks force from landing breaking off in the aluminum I have yet to have it happen on the plastic bulkheads but I feel because there is some give with plastic and things change with more rigid aluminum parts. has anyone experienced breaking bulkheads and used stainless skid plates and reduced the bulkhead breaking? thoughts comments any input appreciated. thank you for reading my long post I tried to keep it short lol .
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    I made my own skid plates out of aluminum, 2” just trace the stock holes and bend in vise , they work great

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    I do have them. Haven't used them yet.

    I suspect they are going to result in more broken parts. The upper control arms are much stiffer than before. That flex will need to go somewhere. The bulkheads are also heavier.

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    Didn't even know they made aluminum bulkheads..I know the vitavon bulkheads add a lot of weight..11 oz for the rear one.
    I would imagine they are way more durable , as long as you're not jumping on concrete.

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