Hey guys,

I am currently working on a 1/16 Non-VXL Summit Trailer/Crawler build and I wanted to see if anyone has experimented with or has more knowledge than I do of modifying or changing out some areas of the vehicle that I'm looking to perform upgrades/changes to. I'm entering the final phase of upgrades/modifications this week and ordering parts over the course of the following week, so I'm just looking for a little clarification in some areas and possibly some alternative suggestions before I complete everything order wise. Sorry for the length of the post. Brevity is not my strong suit and I know there are so many people on here with loads more knowledge than I do of the inner workings of each vehicle, so I just wanted to get some input.

1. What options do I have for metal transmission gears at the 1/16 scale, as the stock are Nylon correct? (I swapped them when I first bought the truck and I honestly don't remember if they came with metal gears in the first place). I'm mostly familiar with swapping out 1/10 scale parts, but I wanted to see if something like the TRX4 8293x Metal Gear set would (even with small modification) work in a flipped transmission configuration for this setup? The reason I ask is that I know the teeth on the gears are different than what they are on the 1/16 Summit, so I'm doubtful that at least these gears are going to work, but there has to be some sort of metal gear setup that works.

2. I just ordered some 15mm long 12mm Hex Extensions from Hot Racing, as I've read anecdotal experiences that they do work with 1/16 vehicles. Am I going to need to modify anything prior to setting these up or will they be a direct fit?

3. I picked up a Reef RC 25T (REEFS44) Aluminum Servo Horn. I have a Savox 0250-MG Micro Servo installed in this rig, with the bellcrank configuration and everything and the length associated with this specific servo horn (26mm long with multiple mounting holes), will I run into any issues on the Summit or will I need to modify something? I only paid $6.99 for it, so I'm not worried if it's a fail if I can't modify it to work correctly with the servo configuration.

4. Is the 7250R Steel Center CVD or any Universal Steel/Metal Driveshaft necessary for this kind of Crawler/Trailer build? I don't mind spending the money, but I've been looking at just stock Revo driveshafts to replace the Summit ones with across the board. Is that a better option for overall durability under high torque situations?

I am purchasing the 7118X Aluminum Push Rods to complement the Aluminum Steering Links I've already installed, so that's already a green light.

5. I did have one question about whether it's worth it to invest the $50ish or so bucks into the 7061X GTR Aluminum Shocks or are there knock-offs out there that are just as good? I definitely wanted aluminum shocks with this build, but I figured I'd stay with an OEM Aluminum hop up for that over the cheaper options. Does this sound like a solid plan?

6. I'm installing a Holmes Hobbies Crawler Master 550 13T Motor in it as the final piece. With a motor like this, as I'm currently running Dual NiMH, am I relegated to going for the 2200 mah 2S LiPo setup or will this kind of power still be tolerable (until I do make the jump to 2S soon) under a NiMH setup? I know you constantly lose power with a NiMH configuration and with so much torque between a flipped transmission (possibly with metal gears) and the motor, combined with weight, I just am unsure as to whether this is going to diminish my battery life at all compared to my current configuration with a 540 35T Axial Motor and a flipped transmission with stock gears. Should I just spring and go for the LiPos now or will I have time to focus on the rest of the build first? I have no problem with the current performance of the batteries, I'm just concerned about post upgrades.

7. Has anyone found solid areas of the truck for installing adhesive mini weights? I've got two installed in the two grooves up in the front of the truck by the servo, but that's all I've been able to figure out so far. Any suggestions on mounting spots for weights would be appreciated!

8. I currently have 1.9" Pro-Line Hyrax Tires installed on the truck and they work fine, however, I'm currently using the glued on stock wheels that came with the tires. I would like to make the jump to metal beadlock wheels. If I pick up an offbrand of beadlocks say, RCLions found on Amazon, will the Savox 0250-MG servo tolerate that much added weight to the wheels/tires or should I stick with the plastics and find other ways to add small weight here and there? The servo has 69 oz-in of Torque on the spec sheet and it is obviously metal geared, so I was about 50/50 on the idea.

Outside of that, I'm wrapping everything up with, as mentioned above, grabbing some Lipos for it in the near future and this weekend, I'm using drywall tape and shoe-goo to reinforce the body.

Any kind of input or suggestions on my post would be insanely appreciated! Thank you so much everyone!