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Thread: Motor and esc

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    Motor and esc

    I've had my Summit for a long time and thought about upgrading my electronics. Probably gonna go with Castle. What brushless motor would keep my speed about the same? I'm more concerned with more power, not more speed. Any recommendations on what Castle combo i should use? I don't know much about kv rating. Or is there a brushed system out there that would give me more power without changing my speed?

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    Hey there , I used a sensored 1600 kv 4268 sized can go my summit with stock gearing on 4s . Gps with both both systems the brushless was only 1.2 kph faster than the stock 775 . Smoother lower end power and picked up some stock and run time .

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    most castle ESC's can run a brushed motor. A good and cheap combo would be the Dewalt 14v motor with the Mamba X esc. More power than the 775, the modern and efficiency of a brushless system (almost) and the smoothness of a brushed system.
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