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    Traxxas RWD Drift Car?

    I've been thinking...Traxxas has pretty much everything, SCTs, monster trucks, stadium trucks, buggies, rally cars, road cars, marine, and air. And with the drift tires on the 4 Tec chassis you can have a AWD drift car. But what about a RWD drift car? Could there be any way to change out the front end on the 4 Tec chassis and be able to get a crazy steering angle (and maybe even throw in TSM) while not having to create a whole new chassis? It can be sold as a kit to make it easier on Traxxas's side. Thoughts? Could it be done?
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    Traxxas used to make a RWD car called the Street Sport; it wasn't a drifter, but I suppose you could have set it up that way. Fun little car, I had one years back.
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