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    First run of the year with my eJato, 2021/05/01 at the bmx track

    Had a great day running trucks this weekend. Windy as all get out, which made jumping more difficult and video editing took way longer than normal, but was a good day just the same.

    Busted up the ejato a bit, shattered the rear shock tower on a bad landing where I shorted a jump. It landed flat, but very hard. I really need to get a new body for this thing too, it's so beat up.

    Sorry for the wind noise, I did edit it out as much as I could.

    One of the guys let me drive his XMaxx for a bit. What a unit! Every time I've met him there, by the time I get there he has either broken it too bad to drive or ran the packs down. This time I got there early and finally got to see an XMaxx in action!

    He also almost took my head off with it @4:51! Complete accident and we both ended up laughing like fools about it.
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